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Welcome to T&T Karate!

Proud members of the Pan-Am Tang Soo Do Federation, a world-wide organization, we teach the traditional Korean martial art Tang Soo Do. We teach more than just forms and moves, though. Our certified instructors are dedicated to teaching, and to upholding the values of TSD creator Grandmaster Hwang Kee and the doctrines taught by Federation president Grandmaster Chong Su Kim. The T’s of T & T Karate stand for Truth and Transformation. We are a blend of discipline and compassion, and while we strengthen your body we will strengthen your mind and your spirit as well.

Testimonials for why people train at T&T Karate...

I like the stress release, the family atmosphere, and personal instruction. I need the exercise. Why not be in the company of people I like. If you go to the gym you don’t know the people there. You are around strangers. Here you rely on others to get through it. (J.D.)

I do martial arts for me. For a couple of hours a week, it’s all about me. I don’t get that anywhere else. It gives me serenity and calm. (T.E.)

I like sharing my knowledge; I find myself a reluctant teacher. (R.C.)

I love the people at T&T, the camaraderie. (K.W.)

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